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we-do-IT -Distributor of Globema products

By November 8, 2008December 22nd, 2014Telecomunicații

Geospatial IT Solution Provider we-do-IT announced it has become the Distributor of Globema products for Australia and New Zealand.

“We are thrilled with this new partnership as it allows us access to highly specialised product and service expertise from the leading Smallworld GIS Telco software developer” explains Dr Walter Hesse, CEO of we-do-IT. “We have been supplying services to the every Smallworld Telco customer in the region over the years – this additional offering will bring a lot of new exciting ideas to our customer base”.

Globema have developed a number of Physical Network Inventory (PNI) and Logical Network Inventory (LNI) add-ons that provide extended support for network planning, design and maintenance as well as service provisioning and fulfilment. Products such as Fiber Route Manager, Optical Path Scheme and Optical Network Atlas are particularly useful for efficient management of modern fiber networks. Tools like LNI Connector, NIMS and BarCode Marking System facilitate data capture and data maintenance in telecom network inventories and can support field technicians in their operations. Globema’s software modules are in production on major European Telco customer sites such as Netia, Exatel, UPC, TeliaSonera, Romtelecom and Multimedia Polska. With experience from these implementations, we-do-IT and Globema can provide proven and cost-effective solutions that enable telecom operators in Australia and New Zealand to improve their network operations and to increase benefits from their Smallworld solutions.

“For Globema this agreement means expansion from our traditional European customer focus to a truly global outlook” emphasises Dr Marek Gondzio, CEO of Globema “we are very excited to move forward with we-do-IT recognising their established position and technical leadership in this part of the world”.

About we-do-IT

Established in 1996, we-do-IT Pty Ltd is a provider of Geospatial Information Technology Services specialising in Business System Integration of GIS with Middleware, SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft-based technologies in the Telecommunications, Electricity, Gas and Water industries in the Asia/Pacific region, the USA, UK, Germany, India, Malaysia, China and New Caledonia.