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The solution and recent enhancements at Telekom Romania

By December 18, 2014December 23rd, 2014Services, Smallworld, Telecomunicații

Telekom Romania has been using Smallworld Physical Network Inventory platform since 2008, when PNI in version 4.1, delivered and implemented by Globema, replaced the legacy Smallworld-based ModelIT solution. After the completion of successful upgrade of Romtelecom’s Network Inventory solution to the latest 4.3 version in 2013, Globema began the development of a set of enhancements, aimed to provide additional reporting functionality, usability improvement and integration with the logical & service layer inventory system.

The scope of recently delivered enhancements includes:

1. Report pack

Globema developed and delivered tools to create Telekom Romania’s-specific MS Excel reports which provide detailed network information in the original format.

2. Usability improvements

Globema developed enhancements to Smallworld PNI that:

  • Speed up object attribute value selection
  • Speed up fiber connectivity
  • Speed up manhole internals definition
  • Loading PRM Routes (from xls file)

3. Logical Inventory integration

Globema delivered WebService API to communicate with the logical layer inventory system. After the enhancement, Smallworld provides API for logical-to-physical layer integration:

  • Describes technical details of the given service
  • Lists services utilizing given physical resource


Standard COTS enhancements to Smallworld PNI 4.3 at Telekom Romania

Besides custom enhancements, Telekom Romania’s solution consists of the following standard Smallworld PNI add-ons:

  1. Optical Network Atlas – generates clear, functional and extensively printable schemes of optical networks (including PONs)
  2. Physical Route Manager – enables managing relations within fiber network with auto-routing of optical paths. Supports WDM modelling
  3. Network Inventory Maintenance Support – a mobile/web application for reporting field changes in the network and updating network inventory data directly from mobile devices (tablets, PDAs)
  4. FTTH Navigator – browsing the network tree from OLT ports (Optical Line Termination, exchange side) up to the ONTs (Optical Network Terminations, customer side) or ONU (Optical Network Unit) – having presented information about attenuation, signal level, splitter number, split ratio
  5. Data Quality Tool – enables easy and extensive verification of coherence and integrity of network and land base data

 About Telekom Romania

Telekom Romania (formerly known as Romtelecom and Cosmote România) is a Romanian telecommunications company headquartered in Bucharest. The core business of Telekom Romania is fixed-network telephony, broadband Internet, TV services (including its own sports TV channel, Dolce Sport), and ICT services. The team of Telekom Romania, including the subsidiaries, consists of 6,796 employees (as of December 31, 2013).

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