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Smallworld PNI upgrade & new modules at UPC Poland

By January 13, 2014December 23rd, 2014Smallworld, Telecomunicații

Globema has conducted the upgrade of the Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) system to the latest version 4.3 (from the previously used version 4.0) at UPC Poland – the biggest Cable Television operator in the country. The project included the migration of data on 1.5 million of UPC Poland customers regarding the coaxial and fiber networks. Physical Route Manager and Optical Network Atlas applications have been implemented, along with the additional specific functionalities and enhancements.

With the upgrade to the latest version, Smallworld PNI users at UPC have gained a more friendly and convenient interface, as well as new tools for modeling and managing the coaxial and fiber networks. The overall efficiency and reliability of the system was also increased.

The two implemented Globema modules – Physical Route Manager and Optical Network Atlas significantly facilitate the management of fiber-optic network, including network planning, connecting new customers, outage management and network maintenance. They also enable UPC to optimize their network resources usage.

About UPC Poland

UPC Poland, being part of Liberty Global, is the largest digital Cable Television and Broadband Internet provider within Poland. The company provides video, broadband internet, and digital (VoIP) telephony services to 2.7 million service subscribers (RGUs) represented by nearly 1.5 million customers.

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Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

Part of the Smallworld Network Inventory portfolio, Physical Network Inventory (PNI) offers a complete and accurate representation of the physical network, from the switch to the customer. By integrating inside and outside plant data into a single, consolidated database, Physical Network Inventory provides an end-to-end network view that allows the network model to be manipulated and visualized at any level.

Physical Route Manager

Physical Route Manager (PRM) is an extension to the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) application. PRM allows managing physical routes in transmission networks. The application groups any number of physical resources into an easily accessible and manageable entity called Route. Route consists of mutually related elements, such as fibers, ports, and splices that comprises a connection between two locations. Routes facilitate modeling & utilization of physical resources for data transmission services and fiber/pairs lease.

PRM functionality supports key business processes: network planning, connecting new customers to a network, outage management and network maintenance.

Optical Network Atlas

Optical Network Atlas is a module that extends functionality of applications based on Smallworld Physical Network Inventory with automatic generation of schemes for optical routes. It automatically generates easily printable and legible paper documentation of the optical network fragments needed in development and maintenance. Schemes are generated using dynamically traced optical routes, starting from a given location or splice using selected optical cables/fibers or ODF shelves/ports. All parts of the scheme are divided into separate pages during the generation process, allowing the system to present the same results using different outputs (Smallworld application, printed documentation, PDF).