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RBS Media and Lucatel with Globema’s mobile tool

By August 5, 2013December 23rd, 2014Smallworld, Telecomunicații

Mobile Data Collector Telco (MDC-T) has a new user – RBS Media company. MDC-T is an application used by field workers for stocktaking, verification and update of data on the network.

RBS Media and LUCATEL companies have won the tender to carry out building inspections for the telecommunications infrastructure for one of the leading Telecoms in Poland. The contract covers over 300 000 network elements to be inspected. Lucatel company has been using the MDC-Telco application since 2012 for network inventory purposes. For the purpose of this project a special extension to MDC-T has been developed.

About Mobile Data Collector-Telco [MDC-T]:

MDC-Telco is a stand-alone tool created to improve the process of stocktaking network and infrastructure data of telecom operators. It enables field force to optimize the stocktaking efforts in the field while gathering or verifying information. MDC-T supports the Smallworld PNI data model but is generally not related to any particular GIS network inventory system and therefore can be used with multiple vendors’ solutions.


  • Elimination of paper as a fallible information carrier
  • Time savings and cost reduction in the data acquisition process
  • Acceleration of the network inventorying process
  • Increase in data quality