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PRM with the WDM technology support

By June 17, 2013December 23rd, 2014Telecomunicații

From the second quarter of 2013, Globema’s telecommunications module Physical Route Manager (PRM) is included on the official General Electric (GE) price list. This is a result of a reselling agreement between Globema and GE signed back in 2012. PRM is another application developed by Globema that will be distributed by GE and its partners around the world.

Through the GE price list PRM is now also available for end customers also in the portfolio of local GE VARs (Value Added Resellers). At present Globema directly supports GE and its partners in several implementation processes covering PRM.

Modeling point-to-point connections

Physical Route Manager allows for management of physical routes in transmission networks. The application groups any number of physical resources into an easily accessible and manageable entity called Route. Route consists of mutually related elements, such as fibers, ports, splices that comprise a connection between two locations. Routes facilitate modeling utilization of physical resources for data transmission services and fiber/pairs lease.

PRM functionality supports key business processes like network planning, connecting new customers to a network, outage management and network maintenance.

New functionality – support for WDM modeling

Introducing PRM to the GE Authorized Partners Sales Channel coincided with the release of application enhancements, enabling WDM modeling support. WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a technology of multiplexing optical signals used in fiber optic networks. Passive WDM devices are becoming increasingly popular because they allow to increase network capacity at relatively low cost, but WDM data is difficult to obtain automatically. Yet proper knowledge of WDM connections’ capacity is essential for service design, network planning and the analysis of a busy WDM section in case of failure.

The latest version of Physical Route Manager provides support for WDM technology. PRM enables modelling of passive xWDM mux/demux devices and optical circulators. It allows to create multiple routes using different wavelengths running on the same fiber, and provides information about free / busy wavelengths on the section between WDM multiplexers.

Integration with Optical Network Atlas

PRM is also integrated with another of Globema’s application – Optical Network Atlas, which allows for creation of print-ready optical network diagrams. Both the PRM and ONA applications extend the standard Physical Network Inventory (PNI) functionality and are available for the latest PNI release – 4.3, as well as for the previous one – 4.1.