Smallworld Network Inventory software offers leading service providers intelligent inventory to control the deployment of their network. The combination of spatially accurate inventory, integrated design intelligence and strategic decision support is critical to business survival.

Complete end-to-end

network model

Part of the Smallworld Network Inventory portfolio, Physical Network Inventory (PNI) offers a complete and accurate representation of the physical network, from the switch to the customer. By integrating inside and outside plant data into a single, consolidated database, Physical Network Inventory provides an end-to-end network view that allows the network model to be manipulated and visualized at any level.

PNI supports your network from the core transmission network to copper and fiber customer access networks. The product’s modular structure and flexibility enables it to support a variety of telecommunications service providers, such as traditional local exchange carriers, new competitive providers deploying FTTH, inter-exchange carriers and cable TV operators. PNI is built upon a powerful spatially enabled database that provides a complete suite of tools to manage business critical network information.

Main features of Phisycal Network Inventory

  • A data-driven equipment catalogue
  • Support for work order management and generation of bills of materials
  • Support for the design and documentation of both underground and overhead structures
  • Effective management of the capacity of various aspects of the network, such as ducts, conduits, floor and rack space
  • Generation of a range of schematic representations of the network


  • Secure efficient network
  • Up to 20% reduction in new build costs due to better utilization of network resources
  • Up to 50% savings in provisioning time through automating previously manual processes for physical path assignment
  • Up to 30% reduction in planning time through accurate integrated physical and logical inventory
  • Up to 40% productivity improvements in network design through process automation
  • Up to 15% workforce productivity improvements through streamlined as-built update processes


Data Center Manager pentru Physical Network Inventory

Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Optical Network Atlas pentru PNI

Physical Route Manager pentru PNI

Optical Path Scheme pentru PNI

Radio Network Inventory pentru PNI

Cable TV Design pentru PNI

Service Inventory pentru PNI și LNI

Data Quality Tool pentru Smallworld GIS

Network Inventory Maintenance Support