Smallworld GDO (Gas Distribution Office)

Distribution companies have traditionally created piecemeal solutions by using a geographic information system as the base software, and then adding on multiple applications—either built in-house or by disparate third party vendors. Gas Distribution Office provides gas distribution companies with the first suite of integrated applications that are fundamental to geospatial management of a full natural gas delivery network. GDO provides the standard, central applications for engineering, operations, and asset management for any gas distribution system and is built on the proven network technology of GE Energy’s Smallworld Product Suite.


  • Reduce cost of ownership by eliminating or decreasing custom applications and point-to-point non-standard integrations, and reducing the number of maintenance providers and lowering those costs
  • Standard gas data model can reduce time to “go live” by virtually eliminating the database design phase. Return on investment can be realized quickly because the built-in applications for the specific utility are usable as soon as data is loaded
  • Increased productivity with seamless integrated applications designed to work together and with GE Energy’s Smallworld core GIS technology and application products—such as Smallworld Design Manager, Field Force Automation, and other products
  • Is one of a series of applications that are components of the new Smallworld Utility Office Suite product line with clear and future oriented roadmap

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