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PNI ONMS Connector implemented at PERN

By November 19, 2012December 23rd, 2014Smallworld

Globema has completed the implementation of PNI ONMS Connector module at PERN, a leader of oil transmission on the Polish market. The module supports the process of fibre optic network fault management, through the integration of network surveillance system (ONMSi) with the SEZAM inventory system based on Smallworld PNI (Physical Network Inventory) and Smallworld GTO (Global Transmission Office). PNI ONMS Connector module allows to speed up the fault management process in PERN’s fiber network by immediately providing information about the failure location, other broken cables or affected services that were provided by damaged network.

Failures identified by OTDR devices are processed by the network monitoring system that delivers information about the damaged fibre optic system to application server of Physical Network Inventory ONMS Connector module. On this basis PNI ONMS Connector calculates the coordinates of the failure, and enriches the alarm with information such as the distance to the nearest splice, information about other fibre optic cables at the place of accident or designation of each of the damaged fibres.

Immediately after fault identification a problem report is delivered via e-mail to all interested parties therefore a full information about the event is available within a few seconds after its identification. In addition, the network monitoring system informs the operators about the problem via SMS messages. E-mail reports can be delivered with links to public maps services like Google Maps, Bing, etc. Quick reports enable operators to immediately proceed to remove failure by running the appropriate switching and permanent failure removal plan.

Generic structure of PNI ONMS Connector enables cooperation with all network monitoring systems that allow data acquisition via XML or Web service.

About PERN

PERN is a leader of oil transmission on the domestic market and a strategic company which guarantees the energy security of Poland, and thus also that of the European Union, within the scope of crude oil supplies. The Company’s basic activity is operating the network of crude oil pipelines, transporting Russian oil to the largest producers of fuels in Poland and Germany.

There are two lines of the PERN’s “Przyjaźń” pipeline, which span from Adamowo, situated at the Polish-Belarussian border, to Płock, and then to Schwedt in Germany. PERN also owns a network of product pipelines, used for transporting liquid fuels produced by refineries, and their own fiber telco network.