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New features in FFA – an advanced Mobile WFM solution from GE

By March 24, 2014December 23rd, 2014Mobile, R & D, WorkForce Management

The latest version of the WFM solution to manage mobile workers – FFA v12, which will be launched in Q2 2014, offers a completely new, intuitive, and modern user interface. It is not only a purely technological change, but above all the result of user suggestions and feedback collected during multiple system deployments. The FFA v12 user will get instant access to the most desirable information, so that his work is even more effective and efficient.

What’s new in version v12?

The latest FFA version brings many novelties. The dispatcher will be given a few powerful tools, like:

  • The list of priority issues – this list is based on a novel mechanism for automatic detection of emergencies and unwanted situations
  • Smart Search – a tool to instantly find tasks or resources in a defined geographical context (eg all technicians within a radius of 10 km from the given task)
  • Integrated dispatchers panel – enabling access to key information, both in terms of time and the current load of employees (Gantt chart) as well as in the spatial context (visualization of employees and tasks on Google maps).

Towards mobile solutions

The changes introduced in the new version are a step towards mobile devices, and thus a clear signal, that the software manufacturer joins the general trend foreseeing the end of the PC era. The new FFA v12 maintains all the strengths of the previous versions, while introducing the features and benefits of the technological changes that have occurred in recent years in the mobile device market.

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