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iSKOL project for metropolitan security

By August 27, 2012December 23rd, 2014Energie electrică, R & D, Smart Grid

Globema, in cooperation with EC Electronics & “Procesy Inwestycyjne” (Investment Processes) company, has created iSKOL system for monitoring high voltage networks. The solution is designed for power distribution and transmission companies which deal with high voltage overhead networks. Its main goal is to inform about potentially dangerous situations on the network and help to improve real-time power flow management. Three pilot implementations are ongoing at:

Metropolitan energy security

Variable weather conditions are an important risk factor for power transmission and distribution networks outages. Harsh weather in winter can cause icing of power lines. Also high temperatures and rising power demand for air conditioning are the reason for dangerous network overloads in summer time. It is therefore important for power distribution companies to put more effort in reliability of power delivery and security of metropolitan cities.


The iSKOL system features a comprehensive solution: sensors are located on wires, weather and base stations, the data center and the user’s application. Sensors collect mechanical parameters (angle of line sag), electrical parameters (current), temperature of HV conductor and weather conditions. The base station sends signals from sensors and the weather station over GPRS/GSM to the database server. The data is stored and processed on this server. As a result of these calculations we get the line sag and an additional load (due to ice). End users work with the application that provides them with visualization and analysis of the collected data as well as simulation of hypothetical conditions.

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Benefits for distribution & transmission system operators:

  • Increased security of energy transmission: iSKOL reports the current state of transmission cables in real time, warns about risk of icing or overheating the wires and signals the critical wire sag over terrain objects.
  • Additional benefits: iSKOL allows to increase the load on current weather conditions without risking to exceed the critical parameters: current, temperature and line sag.
  • Effective network management: iSKOL identifies the critical points of the transmission network, helping to schedule renovation works, planning the construction of new sections and optimizing their location.
  • An important element of smart network: – iSKOL fits perfectly into the idea of Smart Grid, in particular allowing to monitor connected RES.
  • Open architecture of the IT system: iSKOL easily integrates with GIS and SCADA applications
  • Advanced forecasting system: iSKOL provides, based on the actual weather forecast, the expected maximum load on the line for the next few days.