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GPEC (utility company) to implement the FFA system

By June 23, 2014December 23rd, 2014Termoficare, WorkForce Management

Globema began the implementation of the Field Force Automation [FFA] at GPEC – the leader of the district heating sector in Northern Poland. The system will become a crucial element of the currently carried out project, which aims is to optimise major business processes at GPEC. FFA, which was chosen through a public tender process, will be used by 110 field teams, operating across the cities of Gdansk and Sopot.

Under the agreement Globema will deliver, configure and implement the system, including adaptation to specific customer’s requirements where needed, as well as integrate FFA with other systems of GPEC IT environment.

At GPEC, the FFA will be integrated with GIS, Workflow, ERP and Active Directory systems. These systems come from various vendors, which becomes a big challenge, especially considering the short planned delivery period, which is scheduled for the end of 2014. Additionally, FFA at GPEC will be interfacing Google maps as a landbase data source and routing engine as well as with the NFC tags to handle work orders.

About GPEC

GPEC is the leader of the heating sector in Northern Poland. The company, in addition to distribution, is also involved in the production of heat and electricity. The market share of GPEC in the area of company’s operations exceeds 60%. GPEC employs over 300 people and owns over 660 km of heat transmission & distribution network.

About GE Field Force Automation

FFA is a system that streamlines the flow of work orders throughout the entire organization, including the creation of service requests, scheduling and dispatching field staff, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing spare parts inventory and providing advanced mobile capabilities for the enterprise.

GE Field Force Automation:

  • Provides a complete set of resource planning tools to help enterprises manage the entire planning spectrum (workforce buildup, backlog management, daily schedules)
  • Ensures optimal daily schedules to best reflect service business priorities
  • Models an entire service business in order to provide transparency, accountability and flexibility throughout the organization
  • Leverages industry best practices and cost-effectively extends to meet any unique business needs
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