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Google-based GeoGrid application at MPEC Bialystok

By November 18, 2013December 23rd, 2014Google, Termoficare

Globema develops a web-application for MPEC Bialystok (district heating company), presenting the company’s network infrastructure on Google maps, and integrated with DH.GIS – a Smallworld-based system for district heating network inventory and management. The application will be used by both field technicians and office workers as a fast and intuitive tool to obtain detailed information about the network. The solution is based on Globema GeoGrid platform that incorporates Google Maps Engine and Google Maps API for Business technologies.

The project at MPEC Bialystok company is an integration of Globema GeoGrid application with the Smallworld-based DH.GIS system, used by MPEC and several other heating network operatos. The combined solution will enable automatic, cyclic export of data, which will be then stored in a dedicated and secured space on the Google cloud.

Thanks to the new solution, MPEC Bialystok employees will gain:

  • Fast and easy access to district heating network data on all types of mobile devices, in the field and at the office
  • Fast and scalable visualization of network infrastructure in 3D in Google Earth,
  • One platform to integrate their network assets inventory with data from external 3rd party systems, such as CRM, ERP and others,
  • Access to the detailed and regularly updated Google maps data and services (Maps, POIs, StreetView, 45 degrees photo, 3D models etc.)