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Globema supports national broadband network initiatives

By April 2, 2014December 23rd, 2014Telecomunicații

Many European countries are running large-scale programms to build next generation broadband networks that will guarantee high-speed Internet combined with other advanced telecommunications services in millions of homes and businesses, even in rural or so far neglected regions. Globema provides comprehensive software solutions based on the GE Smallworld Network Inventory platform that are used for designing, modeling and maintenance of FTTx networks.

A comprehensive solution for modern telecommunications infrastructure and services

Globema – in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent – will be the supplier of the Network Inventory System for the fiber-optic network rollouts in two provinces under the Polish Regional Broadband Network [PRBN] Programme. The solution will support fiber optic network inventory management at the physical, logical and service layer, along with tools for loading project documentation and data synchronization with the Alcatel -Lucent 5620 SAM Network Management System.

The solution will be based on the market-leading GE Smallworld Network Inventory systems:

  • Smallworld Physical Network Inventory [PNI] – provides a consolidated cross-technology end-to-end view of the telecommunications networks
  • Smallworld Logical Network Inventory [LNI] – provides the tools to model the infrastructure of the network and to effectively manage the bandwidth and transmission resources within it

The solution also includes selected PNI & LNI add-on modules:

  • Optical Network Atlas – generates clear, functional and extensively printable schemes of optical networks
  • Physical Route Manager – enables managing relations within fiber network with auto-routing of optical paths
  • Network Inventory Maintenance Support – a tool for reporting field changes in the network and updating network inventory data directly from mobile devices
  • LNI Connector – synchronizes data between Logical Network Inventory and NMS/EMS systems
  • Service Inventory – presents all service technical data in a single database record representing the given service

The implemented solutions will support the ORSS (the network operator) in the whole lifecycle of everyday network operations – from design, through construction, delivery and maintenance, to efficient outage management and service fulfillment.

Polish Regional Broadband Network [PRBN] Programme

The aim of the PRBN project is to provide – until the end of 2015 – broadband access to 90% of the population and 100% of public institutions and businesses in the eastern part of the country. The programme is to result in developing a modern ICT infrastructure, including over 10 000 kilometers of fiber networks and with more than 1000 distribution nodes. The total value of the programme amounts to ca. €400M.

Globema supported GE and Alcatel Lucent in Spain

A small group of Globema’s consultants were also involved in similar project in Spain, where GE Smallworld PNI-FTTH system is being used by Alcatel Lucent to design a fiber network for Orange and Vodafone. Globema was supporting the project by delivering software development and consulting services.

Orange and Vodafone have joined forces to deploy a Spanish fibre network across the whole country. So far the network has begun rolling out in 12 cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. In these locations the companies have also begun the process of accessing existing in-building infrastructure deployed by incumbent telcom operator – Telefonica.

Orange and Vodafone said their FTTH network is on track to pass 800,000 premises this year, by which time they will have co-invested €200 million in the project. Longer term they plan to cover 3 million premises by 2015, growing to 6 million across 50 major cities by September 2017, equivalent to a residential penetration level of around 40% of Spain. (source: