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Globema features PowerOn Precision – a complete DRMS solution

By June 10, 2013December 23rd, 2014Energie electrică, R & D

Utility companies have been using traditional, one-way demand response systems for several decades. While these systems provided significant benefits in a reserve capacity, many of these investments have reached the end of their useful lifespan. Today’s technological innovations allow much more intelligence on demand response systems if a utility plans according to their future system needs. GE’s PowerOn Precision combines an end-to-end vision, technology and expertise to build a Class A system that leverages best practices.

Globema presented the PowerOn Precision solution during the Smart Geospatial Solutions Conference 2013, which took place in Lodz on the 5-7 June 2013. Claude Mubaya, Smart Grid Technical Solutions Director from GE Energy presented a lecture entitled “Enabling Grid Efficiency through Demand Response with PowerOn Precision”. Our team has also participated in a technical training on PowerOn Precision delivered by GE in Globema’s headquarters in Warsaw.

Consistent growth in specialization and expertise in DMS / OMS and SCADA systems, as well as the experience Globema has in creating and implementing IT solutions in the energy sector, guarantee professional and efficient PowerOn Precision implementations by the Polish company in CEE countries.

PowerOn Precision

The PowenOn Precision Solution:

  • Leverages a single system for managing DR programs, field assets and operational activities.
  • Forecasts load reductions by aggregating historical and real-time data for greater accuracy.
  • Performs load shaping instead of peak shaving or shifting.
  • Dispatches load based on DMS needs.
  • Manages the load rebound after an event.
  • Increases ROI for DR programs and investments.