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GeoSpatial Analysis implemented at MPEC Kraków

By February 18, 2013December 23rd, 2014Smallworld, Termoficare

MPEC Kraków (municipal heating company in the city of Cracow) is the first company in Poland that has implemented the Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis (GSA). The company will use the tool for complex cross-departmental analysis, investment planning and creating strategy basing on various market scenarios.

Along with the GSA analysis software, Globema will also deliver the FME Desktop tool, designed for the processing of GIS data. It will be used to populate the DH.GIS system database with new data and updates from various sources (including non-spatial).

About GeoSpatial Analysis

Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis is a new, exciting, and easy to use business intelligence product from GE Energy. An integral part of the Smallworld product suite, Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis offers easy and efficient access to data from distinct, distributed spatial and non-spatial systems. This data can be shared across the enterprise empowering a wide range of users with visualisation, query, analysis, and reporting capabilities. GSA supports business processes passing through different divisions of a company through the integration and wide access to data, allows for faster and easier decision-making and investment planning, and supports the creation of business strategy based on different market scenarios.

Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis introduces the concept of business objects, which link together spatial and non-spatial information, maps, photographs, documents, and websites in a unique and flexible way.