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GE & Globema cooperate in Smallworld NI development

By April 25, 2013December 23rd, 2014Smallworld, Telecomunicații

GE has decided to include three Globema’s modules in the upcoming version of Smallworld Physical Network Inventory. The companies have also extended cooperation regarding the participation of Globema’s developer resources in Smallworld development.

Three Globema modules to be incorporated into standard Smallworld product

Globema and GE have signed an agreement covering the sale and inclusion of three modules developed by Globema into Physical Network Inventory (along with their source code) and complete transfer of the IPR to GE. The modules developed by Globema are:

  • RME Device Replacement Tool – simplifies replacement of rack mounted equipment (RME) devices in PNI database. After a replacement the tool automatically recreates original connections and other related data (according to user-specified rules).
  • Sheath Specification Editor – allows to quickly define fibre cable specifications – in particular specifying colouring schemes of individual fibres and fibre bundles.
  • Template and Specification Transfer Tool – allows to transfer (export and import) specifications and templates of various types of cables, equipment and infrastructure elements between PNI databases. The tool uses plain XML format, so specification and template data can be easily enhanced or edited.

Globema supports Smallworld Network Inventory development

Since early 2008 Globema have been responsible for all aspects of development of Logical Network Inventory. Globema have managed the development using their own processes and tools on-site in Warsaw and have supported GE in the successful execution of the development process for two full releases.

During 2012 Globema employees have worked directly on-site in Cambridge as part of the Engineering development team, mainly on maintaining and extending Physical Network Inventory 4.3 and FTTH 4.3 development. The engagement has been extended in 2013. Globema’s team is now working locally in Warsaw as part of a GE scrum team using GE process and tools with remote access to the GE development environment.

Globema responsible for Smallworld Network Inventory Gateway upgrade to 4.3

Finally in late 2012 GE contracted Globema to develop the Network Inventory Gateway 4.3 release. In this case Globema were responsible for product development and testing with delivery to GE who will continue to support Network Inventory Gateway 4.3. Globema was also responsible for porting Smallworld Network Inventory Gateway to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The team used their own processes and tools while meeting the needs of the GE development process.