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Property and transmission easement management

By December 18, 2014Services, Smallworld

At the end of year 2012, in response to customers’ requests, Globema developed a simple version of transmission  easement management module. Functional range of the module evolved over the years until it reached its present advanced form. Today the product we offer meets the needs of utility companies for comprehensive management of the properties located in the transmission & distribution grid areas.

Main tasks supported by the application

The main functionality of the Smallworld enhancement is registration and cataloging of requests regarding property claims and indemnities.

1. Case life cycle suport

  • Case status management.
  • Binding the Case with property and/or grid facility – allows for localizing relevant area on the map.
  • Registration of claims resulting from the request.
  • Registration of people connected to the case (petitioners, plenipotentiaries) and particular events (surveyors, public notaries).
  • Capability to attach scanned documents to events within the case.
  • Complete record of documentation of the case allowing for registering events and documents connected to them, e.g. contracts, administrative decisions, court verdicts, notarial deeds.
  • Capability to export full sets of case files (XLSX format) with attachments in order to transfer them to a person other than the user of the system.

2. Costs management

  • Registry of charges and liabilities connected to the case.
  • Registry of fees connected to the case (notarial fees, surveyor fees, court fees).
  • Registry of indemnities with rules and terms of payment.
  • Registry of amounts of transmission easement claims.
  • Estimations of transmission easement establishment value based on local average price of 1 sq.m. of transmission easement.

3. Easements management

  • Capability to create detailed registry of land easements, including transmission easement, for each property.
  • Automated searching of grid elements (sections, chambers, substations, pylons, line segments and splices) located in the boundaries of a given property.
  • Support for automated service areas demarcation around grid infrastructure – identifying the exact location and calculating the surface area.
  • Bulk service area demarcation for larger areas allowing for total surface estimations and approximate cost of the establishment of titles.
  • Property status cataloging based on transmission easement settlement with a capability to visualize their different statuses and filtering the list of properties.
  • Filtering lists of properties without transmission easement regulations that contain grid elements for modernization or elements of planned grid.

Img.1 Automated lookup of grid elements within the boundaries of a parcel.


Img. 2 Service areas delimitation depending on the diameter of a line segment.


 Case study



The solution has been already implemented by:

  • MPEC Kraków,
  • LPEC Lublin,
  • MPEC Białystok,
  • PGE Dystrybucja Łódź,
  • PERN,
  • *WPEC Legnica,
  • *Dalkia Łódź i Poznań.

*currently under implementation

For more information we invite you to contact us directly:
Bartłomiej Szymaniak, mobile.: +48 728 864 900